AD-1Assay innovation and the introduction of new tools keep analysis up to date with the increasingly demanding criteria for developing new therapeutic and prophylactic candidates up to market registration. Customized assay and protocol development is followed by standardization and validation procedures to allow for routine application in a clinical trial setting.

For example, our influenza virus culture assay is now equipped with multiple read outs to safeguard virus detection in clinical samples. Our genotyping of virus isolates has been optimized to such a level that high quality gene sequences are obtained directly on patient materials with low viral load. In addition, flowcytometry, ELISPOT and Biospot equipment are in place to assess cell-mediated immunity, antibody-dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity, viral plaque counts, size and growth kinetics. Our high resolution viral plaque assays enables studies on inhibition of both single and multiple infection/replication cycles.