An interview with lead author Penelope Koraka, sharing her latest insights on Rabies, recently published in Frontiers in Microbiology.


We support our clients in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries with global logistics solutions. Viroclinics Biosciences’ service portfolio is integrated through all phases of the clinical trial process and includes preparation of virology sampling kits, on-site sampling handling instruction, courier transport, sample tracking and tracing (e.g. guaranteeing temperature controlled supply chain and online-sample timelines), management of sample processing labs and post-study sample storage. We offer an efficient logistical network, all over the globe with operational sites in Europe (The Netherlands), Russia, Ukraine, Australia, USA, South America, South-Africa, South-Korea and India.

Were we fit in the virology clinical trial process


Staff & Site Training

Hands on Training: Investigator meeting. Instruction Manuals: Sites, Processing Laboratories


Sample Kit Production & Distribution

FDA Compliant Serology & Virology Sample Kits


Processing Laboratory Management

Guaranteeing sample integrity on a global scale with 8 processing laboratories


Tailor-Made Sample Logistics & Specialized Courier Solutions

Serving Our Customers With Global Cold Chain Supply Services


Accurate & Reliable Data Guaranteed

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Post-Study Sample Storage - Liquid Nitrogen, Cold & Controlled Temperature Storage

Sample Integrity Guaranteed With Backup Systems & 24/7 Security & Remote Monitoring