Viroclinics-DDL COVID-19 Expertise Center

Accelerating COVID-19 research through state-of-the-art preclinical, clinical diagnostics and global supply chain services

Early stage and preclinical solutions

  • Established SARS-CoV-2 infection models in Syrian hamsters, ferrets and rabbits. Susceptibility to the virus is species dependent.
  • Individual study design to answer specific scientific research question(s).
  • Challenge virus strain: BavPat1/2020, Ref-SKU: 026V-03883.
In vivo models
  • Prophylactic and therapeutic efficacy testing of (in)direct antivirals, repurposed compounds and immunomodulators.
  • Immunization and challenge studies for vaccine efficacy.
  • Immunogenicity studies.
  • Pharmacokinetic studies.
We operate using our in-house high containment BSL2 / BSL3 laboratories at multiple locations. Viroclinics Xplore has its own 18,000 ft2 in-house preclinical site and offers specialized efficacy, safety, PK and (immune) toxicology testing of antibodies, vaccines and antivirals.

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