Unlock the Power of Immune Repertoire Sequencing

Download our white paper now and unlock the secrets of BCR and TCR profiling for your clinical trial

With Immune repertoire sequencing, we can create a high-resolution snapshot of dynamic changes in a TCR and BCR repertoire profile. 

This profile enables monitoring of the body’s ability to respond to disease and treatment. The generated data is being used in target discovery, antibody selection, dose finding, patient stratification, treatment monitoring, and companion diagnostics.

Our white paper takes a look at the benefits of Immune Repertoire Sequencing and its potential to enhance your clinical trial in antibody development, vaccine development, and immuno-therapeutics. We discuss its features and benefits through the BCR and TCR sequencing and analyses workflow used at Viroclinics-DDL.

Download now our white paper to learn more about:

  • Detailed results interpretation
  • The Viroclinics-DDL standard report analysis 
  • The power of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) for clinical trial