d3 Medicine LLC, an expert biopharmaceutical strategic advisory company, and Viroclinics Biosciences BV have signed a non-exclusive Memorandum of Understanding on the 1st of July 2014 to provide biopharmaceutical customers with an integrated solution to accelerate the preclinical and clinical development of drugs, biologicals, vaccines and diagnostics targeting viral infectious diseases. The alliance leverages the strengths of the two companies and will offer services that enable biopharmaceutical customers to accelerate virological investigational agents through preclinical and clinical development to market launch.


The high availability of an IT-environment is crucial for the service continuity of Viroclinics Biosciences. This high availability is achieved in cooperation with Promax. Promax has implemented a solution based on the IBM hardware, where security is an important priority. In addition to this solution Promax provides to Viroclinics an environment to monitor and manage 24 x 7 all crucial equipment. Promax is an IT partner that offers professional IT solutions. We choose to be a strategic partner based on a IT vision plan to contribute to the long term objectives of the customer. We focus mostly on cloud and security, with mobility, availability and people as the 3 main pillars. Promax implemented a IBM hardware based solution at Viroclinics, with a big focus on the 3 pillars.  


CR2O is a recently established research organization that focusses on managing and operating clinical trials for vaccine-, drug-, and diagnostics development by industry and public organizations. CR2O closely collaborates with leading clinics and research centers in Europe. Erasmus Medical Center, including Rotterdam University Hospital, is an important liaison to CR2O.

CR2O also closely collaborates with the Dutch University Hospitals of Amsterdam, Leiden, Groningen and Nijmegen and their affiliated peripheral hospitals. Together with Viroclinics, CR2O participates in a worldwide network of virology laboratories. Collectively this dynamic clinical and research infrastructure provides CR2O with a unique position as a new service provider (i.e. research and expertise center) entering the field of clinical trials for infectious disease interventions, to test new generations of vaccines, drugs, and diagnostic approaches.