lab-3Viroclinics Xplore offers preclinical services including testing of efficacy, safety, PK and (immune) toxicology of drugs, antibodies, vaccines and antivirals targeting viral infectious diseases. The BSL-2 and BSL-3 facilities enable complicated experiments with highly pathogenic viruses. The qualified biotech staff and use of state of the art BSL2 and BSL3 animal facilities are key to a successful outcome of studies.

Apart from the classical endpoints, we are also able to perform (histo) pathology of viral disease progression. Viroclinics Xplore offers validated diagnostic assays to measure serological and cell mediated immune responses, validated assays to detect virus presence and measure virus load in different tissues and, if needed, custom made assays as requested by the customer. Furthermore, Viroclinics Xplore continue to develop relevant models to monitor therapeutic efficacy and development of antiviral resistance, e.g. in immunocompromised animal models and for H7N9 influenza infection and pathogenesis.