Rotterdam, 25 March, 2020


Preceding weeks have made clear that COVID-19 continues to spread and is paralyzing the world. Times are unprecedented and show us how vulnerable we are and how we depend on each other. As a service organization – highly specialized in virology – we will commit ourselves to realign our resources, equipment and materials to new initiatives to test anti-virals, immune modulators and vaccines in the battle against COVID-19. We like to thank our regular and repeat customers, because they also give COVID-19 intervention strategies ample attention and – together with us – show the flexibility to prioritize the programs, making it possible to gear exceptional efforts to new COVID-19 drug and vaccine medication at Viroclinics-DDL.

  • Viroclinics-DDL’s laboratory sites in Rotterdam, Rijswijk and Schaijk will readjust most of their day-to-day operations to COVID-19 (pre) clinical trial support;
  • A specialized operational team is installed to deal with daily contingency and capacity planning;
  • We will provide (cold) supply chain solutions to prepare for large scale trials dedicated to COVID-19;
  • We will operate using our high containment BSL2 / BSL3 laboratories at multiple locations using validated molecular, cellular and preclinical analyses models.

“Together with our clients and partners we are currently working on vaccine and antiviral concepts to support global societies with much-needed anti-viral and immune strategies”
Paul Zoeteweij

VP Business Development

“At this precarious time, our thoughts are with the many patients, their relatives, the health care workers that are working day and night to tackle COVID-19. It feels necessary to redirect our efforts and contribute with our skills and join forces with our partners to find a cure or a prevention method”
Hans Bunschoten


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